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During the past few years I developed allergy induced asthma. This has been very difficult for me since I have always been an athletic person. The asthma kept me from participating in any physical activities. My physician prescribed medications which I tried for a short period of time out of despair with absolutely no resolution in curing or even helping me. I then started acupuncture treatments with Amara. I decided to give the treatment at least eight visits to see if the treatment would help. By the third treatment I was feeling like a new person. I continued treatment a few more times and was completely cured! No drugs, no side effects, it was amazing! I actually leave the office feeling extremely relaxed and in a very balanced and calm state of mind. I am able to run, work out, attend boot camp classes and ride horses again with no allergy symptoms. At this point I attend acupuncture for “maintenance” and preventative care every 4-5 weeks to stay healthy and balanced. Amara had done a remarkable job treating the debilitating illness I once suffered from with no harmful drugs or chemicals. I am a firm believer in the treatments and would highly recommend Amara Huckabone to anyone. Thank you for your help Amara, your treatment has been wonderful!

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