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I am a 50+ year old sports enthusiast who recently suffered from a torn labrum in my right hip which required arthroscopic surgery that included substantial soft-tissue repair and bone reshaping.  After a year and a half recovery, I was still unable to perform above fifty percent, suffered continuing pain, and lost considerable range of motion in my hip.  Then I tried a series of acupuncture sessions at On Point Acupuncture.  Within just a few treatments, my pain was dramatically reduced, my range of motion increased significantly, and I was able to compete at a much higher level in all my sports. She also provided much needed relief to my recently diagnosed ulcerative colitis.  Thanks to On Point Acupuncture, I am finally able to sleep through the night pain-free.  I highly recommend them for any sports injury, digestive issues, or just an overall “tune-up” for better health and wellness.

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