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I am better able to handle stress, I’m sleeping more soundly and have more energy since beginning the treatments. Also the exercise and dietary advice has left me with the knowledge to further improve my back strength and general wellbeing. Amara is patient and takes time to answer my questions. Her friendly, easy-going manner makes our visits comfortable and I look forward to continuing treatments with her for preventative care.

I went to On Point Acupuncture to undergo acupuncture treatment with Amara Huckabone. I had been trying for the past 2-3 years to get rid of the lower back pain that I was suffering from. I have to say that I am very happy with the results. In two months, my back has really improved and I have been able to get back to my usual exercise routine.

During the past few years I developed allergy induced asthma. This has been very difficult for me since I have always been an athletic person. The asthma kept me from participating in any physical activities. My physician prescribed medications which I tried for a short period of time out of despair with absolutely no resolution in curing or even helping me. I then started acupuncture treatments with Amara. I decided to give the treatment at least eight visits to see if the treatment would help. By the third treatment I was feeling like a new person. I continued treatment a few more times and was completely cured! No drugs, no side effects, it was amazing! I actually leave the office feeling extremely relaxed and in a very balanced and calm state of mind. I am able to run, work out, attend boot camp classes and ride horses again with no allergy symptoms. At this point I attend acupuncture for “maintenance” and preventative care every 4-5 weeks to stay healthy and balanced. Amara had done a remarkable job treating the debilitating illness I once suffered from with no harmful drugs or chemicals. I am a firm believer in the treatments and would highly recommend Amara Huckabone to anyone. Thank you for your help Amara, your treatment has been wonderful!

As a distance runner, I often develop overuse injuries that affect my knees and hips. Physical therapy wasn't helping to relieve the pain, and I am unable to tolerate NSAIDs. Acupuncture has been very effective in relieving pain and inflammation and allowing me to continue training and racing. Amara worked with me to find the best technique to provide the relief I needed. Her knowledge, combined with her positive and relaxed manner, make for a very stress-free and enjoyable experience. Acupuncture is now my go-to therapy when problems arise with my running.

I am a 50+ year old sports enthusiast who recently suffered from a torn labrum in my right hip which required arthroscopic surgery that included substantial soft-tissue repair and bone reshaping.  After a year and a half recovery, I was still unable to perform above fifty percent, suffered continuing pain, and lost considerable range of motion in my hip.  Then I tried a series of acupuncture sessions at On Point Acupuncture.  Within just a few treatments, my pain was dramatically reduced, my range of motion increased significantly, and I was able to compete at a much higher level in all my sports. She also provided much needed relief to my recently diagnosed ulcerative colitis.  Thanks to On Point Acupuncture, I am finally able to sleep through the night pain-free.  I highly recommend them for any sports injury, digestive issues, or just an overall “tune-up” for better health and wellness.

It's been about a year since I've started acupuncture treatments at On Point Acupuncture. I originally went for neck pain which was the result of the remnants of Lyme disease and  everyday stress. Since that time I have developed a trust in Amara's skill and knowledge in her discipline. The care is aimed towards continued well being as well as localized pain, and I believe, it is successful on both counts. On Point will be a part of my effort to reclaim responsibility for my own health and to live as well as possible.

I began seeing Amara when I was experiencing some anxiety and fatigue. Amara treated me over a period of several weeks, and I have continued to see her for preventive care. Amara is attuned to my body processes and balance of energy. I feel that her treatments and recommendations have helped me and I would recommend her to others. I feel that her sensitivity to her clients' ailments, her precise individualized treatment and her clear, helpful recommendations establish her as a skilled and trusted acupuncturist.

As a chronic pain sufferer I’m so grateful to have On Point Acupuncture as a vital support for my physical care. For years I’ve struggled with severe scoliosis, degenerative arthritis, chronic asthma and the residual symptoms from a Babesiosis diagnosis many years ago. The expertise and knowledge from all of the staff is a great resource for anyone who looks for a “better way”.  I’ve seen dramatic results in increased mobility and decreased pain over the weeks of treatments and, to me, that is a blessing not found through traditional medicines or doctor visits. Thank you!

Discovering On Point has made a world of difference to both my husband and me. Amara has brought us sleep, well being and relief from a number of issues. Susan's follow up therapeutic massage services are excellent. We are devoted to On Point for our well being.

We discovered Amara and On Point the second day we were here in town. After driving cross country to move to Old Lyme the body was calling for some healing. Amara was there and continues to be a healing presence in both my husband's and my life. She is talented in her field and is a force in the natural health world of Old Saybrook. not only does she know her stuff but she leads cleanses a few times a year for the community and we love her!

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